Our History

Our research and development heritage goes back even before SHIFT was incorporated as a company. Prior to our founding as a company in June 2009, we had active support and talents from Mariner Partners Inc., the University of New Brunswick, and funding and research assistance from National Research Council and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.  Almost three years of R&D were invested before SHIFT Energy was launched.

The company was founded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs with experience in the diverse fields of information technology, telecommunications, engineering and environmental science. Initially located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, SHIFT expanded its regional presence with the opening of a second location in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February 2010.

Our first product EnergyMentor an Energy Management Information System (EMIS) Dashboard was released in April, 2010. We then went through several Early Adopter and Pilot programs with several companies. Now, in its 4th version, the solution has evolved into a complete suite to meet a wide range of needs of commercial, institutional, and mid-sized industrial customers.  

After operating in the market for over 4 years and learning from our customers, we realized that though real-time dashboard and analytics create the opportunity to save energy, but more often than not, the actions needed to 'realize' those opportunities can be difficult. Mostly because of the sheer volume of data and decisions needed to continuously optimize a building's environment. This is how the idea of Energy Optimization System (EOS) was born. Information technology and the evolution of the Building Control Systems have come evolved to a point where Machine to Machine communication is now possible. By taking advantage of the immense processing power of a Data Center and utilizing smart algorithms, a building can now be handled (and optimized) as a complex Energy System.

Launched in 2014, EOS takes advantage of our earlier EnergyMentor platform and analytics engine adding intelligent automation capabilities to the mix. By utilizing smart algorithm and our huge database of accumulated knowledge EOS can drive 15-35% energy savings for our customers. Backed by our expert energy engineering insight and world-class software experience, we provide smart solutions that are focused on returning maximum benefits in a short period of time.

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