In a cost vs. value comparison, our EnergyMentor™ offering is one of the most affordable solutions in the market with a highly positive Return on Investment and short payback period. Our offerings are packaged in a way that you pay only for what you need. You can upgrade or downgrade the service anytime in the duration of the contract. In addition to an attractive Return on Investment, we can also help you invest in your energy management initiative through a variety of financing options:

Lease Financing
For customers with limited capital budget, this option will eliminate an initial installation cost by arranging a S&P-rated lease with flexible terms through our partner RCAP Leasing.  The monthly energy savings are usually higher than the monthly lease payments after a few months of operation with our EnergyMentor™ offering.

Grants and Funding
We also work with local and federal programs to help you get grants and funding available for energy efficiency and audit projects, including Efficiency New Brunswick, Efficiency Nova Scotia, Business New Brunswick, etc.

Energy Performance Guarantees
For select customers using our EnergyMentor™VEM offering, we can provide a performance guarantee of energy cost savings on an annual basis as measured against an established baseline.  This provides an extra level of assurance that SHIFT Energy will be focused on driving energy performance at your organization.

Volume Discount
We provide volume discounts and special price for multi-site installations, enterprise licensing, and not-for-profit organizations.

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From flexi lease to volume discount, we have the right instruments to help you implement your energy management program. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific financing needs.