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Our EnergyMentor solution monitors energy consumption in real-time inside a building or plant. The monitored data is analyzed for the consumption patterns and variances through automated algorithms. Our engineering staff then reviews the analysis to provide continuous and timely recommendations for operational adjustments to the customer. The result is reduced energy consumption and lower peak demand. This approach is focused on achieving a 5% - 15% energy cost saving with a very low capital investment and a highly attractive ROI.

The core strength of our solution is how it addresses the critical success factors of Technology, People, and Process to create a performance driven result. Accordingly, we provide separate packages emphasizing each of these factors, bundling them into a service that's suitable for your specific business type and needs:
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Determining Critical Success Factors

SHIFT has three offerings to tailor a successful energy management solution to your budget while ensuring maximum savings. By (1) enabling innovation, (2) engaging people, and (3) optimizing processes, we drive performance-focused results.
We use standard and BacNet enabled sensors or can directly tap into an existing building control system. Our data center hosts our proprietary algorithms for analyzing energy data and predicts forecast demands. Our unique dashboard is a rich internet application (RIA) that's both easy to use and intuitive. You can find more information about our underlying technology and their features and benefits in the Dashboard, Back-end Technology and Technology Features sections.
Our process involves real-time targeting and performance metrics and extends to monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting on energy savings.  We have implemented rigorous reporting on the performance of its core operational infrastructure. We invest in industry certifications such as IPMVP and CEM for our engineers, and adhere to the Natural Resources Canada "Seven Step Methodology" to unlock energy savings opportunities inside buildings. We are also well-positioned to take advantage of upcoming ISO 50001 quality processes for energy management.
SHIFT enables engagement of people in two ways. First, we have a team of certified Energy Engineers to deliver a performance-driven energy management service utilizing our technological and process optimization tools; Second, using our 'Public View' dashboard and Sustainability package, we engage with your corporate social responsibility policy. This helps you generate the necessary momentum to create an organizational culture that's focused on conservation, green energy practices and adds credibility to your company's reputation in environmental stewardship.
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