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Executive View

This view is designed for business owners or financial managers who are responsible for paying the energy bills. It presents month-to-date and daily consumption, cost, savings and real-time performance status of one or multiple buildings at a glance. Multiple energy sources like electricity, natural gas, water, and even renewable energy can be presented in the scrollable view to provide a complete picture of your business' energy performance in real-time.  Customers can set user-defined targets for energy cost and carbon footprint and monitor how their buildings are performing relative to these targets in real time.
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Public View

This view is designed to provide an employee, tenant and public information screen. This module displays energy, environmental, GHG emission and energy efficiency performance and achievements with animated graphics, pictures and text. The idea is to get non-technical users such as your employees, tenants and visitors engaged in a green-energy practice through motivated feedback and campaigns.

Public View supports multiple templates and can be customized to suit the need of any type of customer. Customers can also supply their own message, graphics, video etc. to be incorporated in this view for real time display updates.

Energy Management Dashboard

Acting as the front-end to our EnergyMentor solution, our dashboard is a simple, easy to use energy visualization tool that will help even the most inexperienced user gain a deeper understanding of energy consumption and costs in no time.

The dashboard is the window to your energy performance. It monitors energy consumption for the entire building and key energy-consuming devices inside the building, analyzes the consumption and related information (such as weather and business processes) and provides recommendations to reduce energy consumption and cost in real-time. The dashboard can be accessed through a secure website from anywhere in the world.

We realize that in a typical commercial or institutional building, there can be multiple management positions with differing roles and responsibilities. For example there may be a person responsible for paying the bills, whereas as the operations manager runs the entire property. There are also people who work or live in the building. All of them affect the way how energy is consumed in that property.

We have taken this multi-tier feedback effect into consideration and created an innovative role based User Interface (UI). The UI does more than just display energy consumption information. It is intelligently designed to correlate information from different sources, analyze energy usage patterns and generate recommendations to optimize  energy consumption. The dashboard is template based and can be customized to each client's specific needs.

Our core package comes with four standard views and several 'utility' modules. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the views:
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Report View

You can use this view to get an up to date report on your energy management activities, suggestions to improve your efficiency, advices on anomalies etc.  You can collaborate with our energy experts live and get input on particular case and/or process.

There is also a monthly report available in PDF, MS Word and as interactive SWF format. You can track and compare reports from different periods and for different sites.
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Operator View

The Operator View module enables building and energy managers to track and manage the building's energy consumption and the operational status of various systems through a set of key indices and issue analysis details developed by SHIFT. The key indices can be custom-configured according to specific needs and energy savings targets.
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Analysis View

The Analysis View is designed for expert energy managers to manage energy consumption with its in-depth analysis capabilities. Some of the popular views are: device based analysis, time based analysis, energy source based analysis, weather based analysis and business operation based analysis. This View also allows information based issue tracking and data exporting.  This view also provides the basis for statistical analysis and predictive forecasting of energy consumption and costing.
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