Case Studies

Each case study  consists of an in-depth examination of a customer implementation. Instead of just reporting on data, we try to tell you the real story of each deployment. As a result, you will gain a clear understanding of what energy management issues we discovered, what we did to tackle them and what was the out come and learning.

We hope these cases will help you assess your own situation and what kind of assistance you might need in an energy management issue.

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May, 2013
Ganong Bros. Steps Up Innovation with SHIFT's VEM Solution
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Based in St. Stephen, N.B. Canada, Ganong Bros. Limited is Canada’s oldest independent candy manufacturer. This case study focuses on the Virtual Energy Management solution SHIFT offers to its high-end customers who need engineering consultion services to analyze energy efficiency, energy sourcing and reporting on a regular basis. The solution is designed to be cost effective and to really offer up the ongoing energy expertise that many mid-size companies cannot afford as a full time position.
Mar, 2013
Hampton Inn Hotel Pursues Energy Efficiency
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Hampton Inn asked for SHIFT’s help to determine if they could effectively manage and curb their overall energy consumption by utilizing their existing building control system without compromising on the level of services offered in a four star hotel. They also needed to demonstrate their environmental sustainability policy by engaging guests and employees with an intuitive energy visualization display. SHIFT worked closely with the hotel management to implement a program that would meet all these goals without incurring heavy capital outlay or maintenance cost.
Jul, 2012
Saint John Transit Energy Management Program
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The City of Saint John Transit was looking for a way to help them implement an ongoing energy efficiency program that would ensure energy usage results for the many systems of their new Bus Operation Center are agglomerated with a high degree of accuracy and then provide them with a Continues Commissioning tool to improve the facility’s performance. With they help of our EnergyMentor dashboard and the Energy Management Program jointly developed by SHIFT and the Transit, the city saw up to 58 percent less energy usage than a conventional building of the same size. This case study talks about the program. 
Jan, 2011
Energy Management at a Light Industrial Facility
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Fundy Linen Services (FLS) is a large industrialized laundry facility servicing the hospitals in southern New Brunswick. When the FLS plant was designed nearly twenty-five years ago, the philosophies of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” were
incorporated into every aspect of its construction and ultimate use. From the use of water e€cient equipment such as tunnel washers and other automated systems, to a heat reclaiming system, the location of water pipes in hot waste water ducts and the recycling of nal rinse water into the next wash, FLS’s plant operations and practices represent both resource and financial economies. SHIFT was contacted by FLS to see if further optimization in energy e€ciency for this modern facility can be achieved, what measures needed to be taken and how much energy can be save out of the measures.