About us

SHIFT Energy Inc., a member  of  the Mariner Group of Companies ,  and a strategic partner of East Valley Ventures Inc., incorporated in 2009 with funding from private investors, and support from the Government of Canada / NRC and ACOA.  Led by forward-thinking veteran entrepreneurs like Gerry Pond, Curtis Howe and Brock Sansom, SHIFT leverages the combined software development experience and infrastructure resources of the Mariner family to consistently innovate and apply technology to drive new opportunities for large energy consumers.  SHIFT’s multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving has resulted in the creation of a new approach to energy management – Intelligent Live Recommissioning (ILR).

We are an organization that is focused on innovative energy efficiency technology and service models.  Our goal is to drive performance through real-time measurement and verification of energy consumption, utilizing our proprietary ILR algorithms to optimize and target savings, then linking these targets to business performance metrics.

This passion for innovation and the desire to serve is embedded in our vision:

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